The Bridge is one of Europe's largest eco-regeneration projects with a big focus on innovation and sustainability.

Every aspect of the site has been carefully considered to protect and enhance the natural environment. Alongside the more formal landscaped areas and pocket parks, the development includes wildlife habitats and three freshwater lakes linked by scenic footpaths and cycle ways.

White Curve


Natural Space Ecology

The site includes several areas of greenspace for public enjoyment 
and to ensure that the favourable conservation statuses of protected species present on-site are maintained.



The Bridge worked in collaboration with Kent Wildlife Trust to retain and enhance the biodiversity of the site, conserve and create wildlife habitats, and at the same time provide green open space to anyone who lives and works at The Bridge. 

Greenways are strips of undeveloped land near an urban edge, that’s been set aside for ecological benefit. Greenways at The Bridge have been designed with footpaths to allow for walking, running or cycling, whilst providing an essential habitat and linkage corridor for our UK wildlife. 



The Bridge is home to one of the UK’s rarest mammals, the water vole. A network of blueways and swales have been created to increase the habitat availability for this endangered species. Water voles are mostly spotted alongside rivers, lakes, and vegetated marshlands. Our lakes at The Bridge have been enhanced with burrowing, shelter and foraging opportunities for this protected species, to help increase their population. 



When designing The Bridge, we put a huge emphasis into our sustainability efforts to create a natural environment where people and wildlife could call home.

Sustainable Drainage Systems

As part of the largest regeneration project in Europe, The Bridge sits in the heart of the Thames Gateway and is part of a wider plan to create more sustainable eco-regions by cutting carbon emissions, reducing waste and conserving water.

When designing The Bridge, we wanted a more sustainable approach to managing surface water. We installed SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) where appropriate, and their purpose is to manage rainfall and surface water by holding it until it can be soaked into the ground or naturally evaporate.

As well as being a more sustainable drainage method, they also provide an attractive natural habitat for wildlife and vegetation.

Estate Management

Based at the Management Centre at the heart of the site, Tina Smith, the Park Manager and her team are committed to helping occupiers and residents make the most of life at The Bridge.

Operating 24/7, the team is also responsible for safeguarding the ecology and retained habitats, including the many protected species that are flourishing at The Bridge.

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